The essentially fortified city built by the Emperor was the capital of his empire for fifteen years. A unique blend of architectural excellence, as well as religious beliefs-sum up Fotehpur Sikri. The Imperial Complex is a work of pavilions which is derived from Arab and central Asian tent encampments arranged in formal geometry on a piece of land. The excellent stock image showing the magnificient one of its kind water tank built in front of Akbar’s private quarter. Its situated in front of the Khwabgah complex and was the most impressive tanks of its times. The red stone structure has beautiful platform and well planned viewing and sitting places around it. The structure is well connected with mini stair causeways by all the four sides. In old days, it was well connected to the main water system so that there is a regular flow of fresh water into it. Download the excellent red stone architectural work of the mughal architecture and blend yourself into the Indian heritage.

Anup Talao at Fatehpur Sikri Agra ancient medieval architecture at sunset

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