The premium quality stock image the palace of Jodha Bai was probably built between 1570 and 1574 AD according to the Archaeological Survey. From Fatehpur Sikri railway station, at a distance of 1 km, Jodha Bai’s Palace is one of the largest buildings in the complex of Fatehpur Sikri. This palace was constructed by Akbar for his favorite wife, Jodha Bai, who was a Rajput princess. Jodha Bai’s palace is the largest and most important part of Imperial Harem, having all facilities, provisions and safeguards. The red stone palace is a misnomer in itself. It is most widely accepted that the building was for Rainwas or Zenani-Dyodhi. To browse through such images you should go through other images and download the images and use in your subjects.

Fatehpur Sikri medieval red sandstone palace of Jodha Bai

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